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Building Your Dream Inc​.​

Construction & Landscape Design

 "To Accomplish Great Things We Must Not Only Act

But Also Dream, Not Only Plan But Also Believe "

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Driveway & Patios

  • All our Driveways and patios are made with very high quality materials with that improves the durability . Step by Step we going to explain how we get the job done and what kind materials we use .
  • The first step we remove the old surface , old concrete or old pavers , we load in our trucks and hauling away.
  • The second step we set new heights and make sure everything is pitch away from the house, and from there we know much deeper  we got dig down to install the new base and the new pavers .
  • We set a new base with at least 10 inches of crushed gravel, we compact with heavy duty equipment in ever 2 inches layers ,  making a very solid base that you will can drive any car or truck on it .
  • Our asphalt driveways we use at least 3 inches of hot mix to provide best quality (we don't recommend  less than 3 inches ).
  • Our Pavers driveway and Patios we use the most cambridge paverstone ,because its very high quality, they have the Armortec on it,  the price is very accessible and the finish product always looks amazing with a lot different colors and shapes that you can choose from . We be working with cambridge pavers for almost 20 years and we never had any problems.
  • Also we compact the pavers with polymeric sand , with keep the pavers in place and seals the joints .
  • We offer 1 year warranty in all our driveways & Patios Services .