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Pup-Grass® is a superior Artificial Grass for Dogs, designed with features only dog lovers

can appreciate. Our specially engineered backing is designed with the fastest drainage in

the industry and does not need small holes punched into the backing, so it drains, like

competitive wannabe fake grass for dogs. With our clear acrylic backing, regardless of

where the dog pees, it drains instantly! Our yarn is an antimicrobial, proprietary blend of

polyethylene and Polypropylene, both moisture-repellent materials. One way to determine

if a company is selling an authentic Artificial Dog Grass is if their "Pet Grass" contains Nylon

or a blend, and since Nylon absorbs moisture, it will lock in urine odors.

As we mention, Pup-Grass® does not require infill because of the volume of yarn used in our tufting

process. However, using an odor-eliminating infill material like Pup-Fresh will keep the fibers cooler and

provide added UV Resistance to the material. Pup-Fresh is made from 100% Zeolite. Do not fall for

advertisements that call Zeolite Organic, though. There is no organic material in zeolite because it is

created from crushed volcanic rock.

We have created a product that looks real, and dogs love because it feels like real grass.

Why would a pet product company manufacturer synthetic grass? Briefly, in 2004, we introduced the

first of its kind indoor dog potty. It was a great product, and dogs used it instantly. However, we had

issues with drainage and odor. We began searching for a grass that drained fast, and soon it became

apparent that no one was making an Artificial Grass for Dogs, we realized, if we wanted such a

product, we would have to invest the time and resources and create fake grass for dogs ourselves,

and that is just what we did. Our design considers everything from the pile height and density of the

yarn to the stitching and denier of the fibers to accommodate the special potty needs of dogs. Pup-

Grass® is easy to clean, and solids will not stick to the yarn.

Synthetic grass can become extremely hot in direct sunlight. However, our flow-through produces

superior drainage and keeps our grass 30% cooler than other “Pet Grass Products.” and we have options

for keeping Pup-Grass® at a safe and comfortable temperature for your dog.

Pup-Grass® Artificial Grass Built For Dogs is non-toxic, free of lead and other heavy metals and comes

with a 10 Year Warranty.

 Fast Flow Backing for Instant Drainage
 Cooler Than Other Synthetic Grass Products
 Dimensionally stable Will Not Shrink or Expand
 Easy Installation
 Infill Not Required
 Antimicrobial Materials
 Certified Lead-Free
 Class B Fire Rating
 Easy DYI Installation